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Hello, Book Lovers!

There's nothing better than curling up with a good book - whether it be on holiday or at home. If you are like us and love books, but forget to set aside enough "me" time to read, or maybe you're just not sure what to read, Book Box is the perfect solution for you.

Each month we hand-pick a book especially for you (it could be a best seller or a classic novel, or from one of your favourite authors) and send it on its way directly to your door. With a monthly subscription you've really got no excuses.

Too easy? We think so!

How it works
Our Boxes Hand-picked by us, especially for you!
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Treat yourself!
Sit back and let us do all the work! We'll do our best to find the right books for you.
A Monthly Surprise
Who doesn't love book mail? But...if you've already read it, return it for free!
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Simply send us an email and we will cancel your subscription or manage your subscription yourself.

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