Top 5 reasons books make the perfect gift

Top 5 reasons books make the perfect gift

Top 5 reasons books make the perfect gift
Top 5 reasons books make the perfect gift

With the countdown to Christmas on the horizon, now’s the time to start thinking about the perfect gift.

Whether it's Adult, Young Adult or Children’s books, they can make the perfect gift for any age. But while we could write a novel about why books are great, we've narrowed it down to 5.


  1. They cover every subject - Whatever someone’s interest, chances are there’s a book on it. Whether it's DIY or designer shoes, there’s a great read to be had for everyone within the pages of the right book.

  2. They're easy to wrap - In stories, the perfect gift is always beautifully wrapped and tied together with a bow. But anyone who has ever tried wrapping a toy or clothes knows it's just not that simple. Books with their firm symmetrical shape are fairly easy to wrap - and with a book subscription, they’ll get a great read delivered already in a gift box. Easy. You can even get them a monthly subscription so they can get popular reads delivered all year round.

  3. They're affordable - Hobbies can be expensive, but with a book, you can give them something they’ll love without the massive price tag. Maybe they love to travel. While you might not be able to send them on a trip, with a book they can go to Paris or Rome - and eat all the croissants and gelato they want without gaining a pound.

  4. You're giving someone a whole world to explore - Or perhaps fantastical worlds are more their thing. With a book, they can dance with the fairies and duel with warlocks, all without risking mortal peril.

  5. It's the gift that keeps giving - Another great thing about books is once you’ve read them you can re-gift them. So, whether it's because you want to save the environment or some dollars, either way, it’s the perfect gift to then re-gift.

Need some inspiration? Check out these novels recently delivered to our Book Box subscription customers.

The Wrong Woman J.P Pomare

It was a tragic accident, wasn’t it?

A private investigator reluctantly returns to his hometown to investigate a car crash only to become entangled in the disappearance of two teenage girls. In this thriller by NZ author J.P. Pomare nothing is as it seems.

China Edward Rutherfurd

An epic clash of the East and the West.

19th-century China is a proud and ancient empire forbidden to foreigners. But when the West enters they bring with them Opium and the rest as they say is history. A stunning glance into the rich Chinese culture set against the backdrop of the Opium Wars.

The Iron Raven Julie Kagawa

Wicked faeries and fantastic danger.

Midsummer Night's Dream prankster Puck finally has a chance to tell his own story and faces a threat unlike any before in the first installment of a new trilogy by Julie Kagawa. Set within the world of her much-loved Iron Fey series, Puck sets out on a dangerous and fantastical adventure with the Iron Queen Meghan Chase, and her prince consort, Puck’s longtime rival Ash.

- Words by Crystal Cleary

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